Holistic Nutrition

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos—the trees, the clouds, everything.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

I am certified in Holistic Nutrition through the American College of Health Sciences in Portland, Oregon.

Since early in my life I’ve had a passionate interest in health and wellness. This led to years of intensive study and my own continuous, personal experimentation with various healing methods. It blossomed into a long career that enabled me to study with knowledgeable and respected physicians, nutritionists and scientists from all over the world. 

I enthusiastically stay up to date with the ever-evolving health and nutrition sciences. I understand the language of food as medicine, planetary herbology, supplements, and homeopathy to name a few. I have the deepest respect for what Mother Nature provides us with to optimize our health. What a magnificent gift! Holistic nutrition is a collective approach. It is an all encompassing science that incorporates the best of all wellness knowledge and practical wisdom to achieve your optimal health.

Holistic nutrition has been known to help with the following and much more:

  • Creating harmony by making healthy food choices 
  • Developing mindful eating practices 
  • Preventative health 
  • Understanding the Gut-Brain connection
  • Connecting food and state of mind 
  • Reducing fatigue & brain fog
  • Understanding nutrient dense foods
  • Healthy cooking & meal planning
  • Plant-based vegan or vegetarian eating plans 
  • Reducing digestive issues and optimizing digestion 
  • Decreasing  gluten and other sensitivities and food intolerances
  • Gut microbiome imbalances 
  • Gut health & healing
  • Blood sugar imbalance and insulin resistance
  • Reducing food and sugar cravings 
  • Safe and effective cleanses & detoxification
  • Weight management: underweight/difficulty gaining weight, overweight/difficulty losing weight

How incredibly fortunate we are to be in a place and time where there is so much abundance, yet how to nourish ourselves so we feel well can be confusing in today’s sea of information. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I provide guidance that can help you make sense of all the conflicting information about nutrition that is out there.

I recognize that individuals are biologically unique; I believe we thrive best with individualized plans, so I apply a practical and realistic approach to making healthy changes. We will address the root causes of your health concerns with careful and compassionate listening first, and then we will determine your best nutrition and lifestyle practices.

Food and eating are an essential part of our lives and should be enjoyed! Our bodies are miraculous, and so are natural earth made foods; from chard to muffins, all foods can be made healthy and enjoyed fully. 

I believe in the exquisite power of food to heal; however sometimes strategic supplementation can also assist your body in the process.  I’m happy to offer health support complimentary to that provided by your doctor.

Holistic nutritional counseling is a fulfilling and empowering way of honoring yourself.

These are some of the masters of health I have had the honor to learn from in person:

Dr Gabriel Cousins MD
Dr Paul Stamets PhD
Dr Khem Shahani PhD
Dr Parris Kidd PhD
Dr Jason Mitchell ND
Dr Brian Clements PhD

Dr Thor Johannsen ND
Dr Jan De Vries ND
Dr Jordan Rubin NMD
Dr Linda Page ND, PhD
Dr Mark Stengler ND
Dr Brenda Watson ND
Dr Michael Tierra OMD

Ann Louise Gittleman PHD
Victoria Boutenko
Susun Weed
Donna Gates
Guido Mase’
David Wolfe

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