Lilliana Zuyovich


Spiritual Counselor

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Meditation Instructor

Holistic Nutritionist

Lilliana brings the wisdom of healing traditions to the unique imbalances of contemporary Western society. She practices a variety of progressive and traditional healing modalities specializing in Spiritual Counseling, Meditation Instruction, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Holistic Nutrition. She offers “Therapeutic guidance for body, mind and spirit”.

Lilliana has spent her life studying and integrating the profound teachings of spirituality and the sciences so she may take that deep foundation of universal wisdom and apply it to helping others. She uses the key principles of Buddhist teachings, contemplative studies, science, philosophy, transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, and meditation, along with intuition and compassionate understanding to help you navigate the complexities of your path.  She has come to deeply trust the human spirit and our own innate ability to awaken, heal, and gracefully flow with the ever changing realities of life. 

She is honored to be of service and ultimately seeks to help the world become a more connected, nurtured, and peaceful place for all beings.

Lilliana has traveled the world extensively both as a humble observer and a lover of life. From her pilgrimages to the most sacred temples, mosques, churches and holy sites, to witnessing and enduring very difficult, challenging situations, she has gained invaluable insights that have guided her to integrate these experiences, and enrich her appreciation of all the strength, beauty and grace that are within the world.

Many of the photos on my website were taken during my world travels to Burma, India, Laos, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Enjoy!